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1992... leon sega starts his journey into the electronic music, spinning his vinyls of happy mondays, yello, electric 101 and depeche mode the underground athenian clubs such as decadance, mad and no name.

1993... he moves to copenhagen for computer studies, but pretty soon ends up mixing records there at the u-matic club.

1994... back in athens he starts working for the dance record distriubtion, discobole, where he meets mikele. the two of them start spinning together under the moniker 'dazzle'. leons sound is now from deep- to tek-house and he succeeds to reach the crowd with his 'full of emotions style'.

1997... in august, after the usual tour in the greek islands, he finds himself spinning in front of 15000 clubbers at nature one festival in frankfurt. in addition to the monthly dazzle and his solo nights (at soda, kingsize and avant garde), leon found ntrop rec. together with studiopartner muddy jo (blend). ntrop becomes one of the pioneer underground electronic lables in athens. kiss fm-berlin present their debut project "delta sites - 3 days e.p.” and broadcast a 2 hour leon sega set. their second release "spectro - i know you care” was released in greece by v2 music and in germany by 3000 recordings.

1998... leon is spinning every saturday night at athens intercontinental hotel at le club parties, a cooperation with ozon mag. also he has a radio mix show every saturday evening at athens nrg fm.

1999... he is compiling and mixing a deep tek-house compilation called flex, which is out through planetworks polygram. In the summer he spins every friday at cavo paradiso mykonos, in venues around the greek islands and abroad at nature one festival frankfurt, indigo club sofia.

2000... after his u.k. tour end-london, essex and liverpool university, he is back in berlin for a saturday night at sage club, a surprise set at cokies party alongside sven väth.
in the summer from tel-aviv to lisbon, he's spinning tracks from his latest compilation 'in:tek' which is out through v2 music.

2000... in autumn together with his club partners he starts up u-matic future club in athens. among the guests are steve Bug, djulz, electric indigo and terry francis.

2001... based in mykonos in the summer, he flies for venues; loveparade berlin, casino berlin, castle ayia napa and all over the greek islands. back in the studio he's working on his first personal lp 'beyond instincts'. in the winter leon performs at his monthly 'fusion tekno' nights at soda.

2002... his debut lp 'joalz - beyond instincts' receives great media reactions and at the same time he is presenting joalz live acts, an out of the dancefloors act with the participation of the video director george drivas and other musicians as well.

back in clubs now, fusion tekno parties are inviting djs like ellen allien, umek, billy nasty, silversurfer and leon sega is mixing the homonymus cd compilation.

2003... his single 'joalz - environment' becomes the music cover for the pandemonium tv serie, this years summer tour in greek islands was crazy as never... the winter finds leon and his studio in berlin working on his coming album 'telessila', remixing silversurfer and miss yetti and training for the olympic games 2004...
leon segka bio

quite hard to be a libra.. always trying to balance on a thin line. to avoid the fall I had to perform dual acts of living and producing.
so here I am staying in Athens / Berlin creating electronic techno as dj Leon Sega and dark lostlooped electro as joalz, performing as a dj in clubs, beaches, festivals and as a live act in theatres, homes, bars..
lucky me universe has determined libra with two sides only.

cavo paradiso, mykonos
decadence, thessaloniki
dtc, vienna
electric delicate, munich
electro donnerstag, berlin
fuse, athens
radosfx, prague
sax, corfu
stern radio, berlin
synergy, london
trezor, berlin
venue, thessaloniki
umatic, athens

loveparade, berlin
mayday, dortmund
nature one, frankfurt
plug in, athens
trash art, athens

radio shows
bbc, radio 1, london
best, athens
fritz, berlin
groove, frankfurt

athos, chalkidiki
loca, diakopto
monastiri, paros
paraga, myconos
sadova, kalamata