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Since 1990, Frank Martiniq has devoted his life to electronic music, both as
producer - turning all the little buttons around - and as DJ - carrying
heavy vinyl cases. In 1995, the first milestone was reached with his vinyl
release on Acid Orange. At that time, his sound was rough, fast, furious and
uncompromisingly banging. Today, he is caressing our synapses in a very
sophisticated and subtle way. Well, what else can he do with all his
equipment treasures which have to be well-kept and maintained? And with a
bottle of furniture polish in your hands, it is almost impossible to bang
around. Yet the influences of Detroit and Chicago are noticeable on all his
releases. No doubt: He is a real American.
In the meantime (1998-2000), he moved from the middle of Germany up in the
North, and turned from the straight bass drum towards a new sound aesthetic
that reminds of good old Warp School. An intermezzo that was captured on his
"PMF Acht" release which has never lost its charme. And then, he launched
his career on Boxer: "Schwingkomplex" was among the top albums in the
worldwide ranking, not to mention his 12" "Adriano" which had a terrific
In the beginning of 2003, his music was more experimental; but after he
moved to Cologne, clubbing was at the top on Frank's "To do" list. He
regained fun in straight productions which resulted in a vast output and
Frank became the hottest ass of his booking agencies, in particular thanks
to his "Late Night Tools" series and his "Wizkaz" release. Yesterday
Sevilla, tomorrow Zurich, next week London and Paris. Jet-set Franky on tour
with a straight bass drum and ludicrous funk!
Who'd already had the pleasure to listening to his tunes might get the
impression that his sets include tracks that normally would not fit
together. Devil only knows how he does it, but with a somewhat secret force,
he manages to do the impossible, time and again, and you will find yourself
happy and wondering into the next morning...