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JOHANNES HEIL was born on Feb., 3rd in 1978. At the age of fourteen in 1992 he visited a Techno Party for the first time, and met HEIKO LAUX, who ran a Techno Bistro ('Kanzleramt') in the beautiful health resort Bad Nauheim.

Since then he is an integral part of the 'Kanzleramt'-Clan, works as Resident DJ there, co-produced with HEIKO LAUX and launched, together with him, the project "ITEM ONE".

In 1995 he released his first solo maxi "Die Offenbarung"

Since his album 'Reality To Midi' (1998) JOHANNES HEIL belongs to the most promising newcomers of German Techno Underground.

Whirring loops, a distorted hammering bass and slurping bass-lines became his trademarks - even if these aspects are not exclusively representative for the great variety of his works as it can be heard on various records, especially on his latest 'Kanzleramt' production "Illuminate The Planet" with its unique mixture of Techno, House, Trance, Big Beat, Dub and Ambient.

And however different the single tracks may be, the whole record gives the strong impression of unity.

Almost all the tracks on the album came into being after "Reality To Midi", except 'Farewell', which is a relic from ancient times...

JOHANNES HEIL about 'Illuminate The Planet':
"'Illuminate The Planet' stands for the last year. During these months I started to concentrate on the 'classical' technique of writing and arranging music. Classical music is working completely different, compared to Techno. The whole flow of work... it's a totally different approach to the way of creating music. Certainly, this rubbed off on the new album. Not everything turned out to be like I wanted it, but I deliberately try to direct my paces towards this direction, to increase the use of melody and harmony."

JOHANNES HEIL also contributed two tracks to the new SVEN VÄTH album 'Contact', one of which is the first single cut "Dein Schweiss".

Besides that he launched his own record label 'JH Records' and released one of his hits from 1998: "Die Eigene Achse". The record was limited to a thousand copies and features a remix by HEIKO LAUX.

After the advance maxi to his long-anticipated third album "Future Primitive", which followed immediately, JOHANNES published his second recording for 'JH Records', entitled "Isis & Osiris"

'Heilstyle', the fifth album by Johannes Heil, contains 11 new and possibly some of his best tracks ever. The tracks got the powerful saw-lines of 'Reality to Midi', a bunch of 'Paranoid Dancers', the deep atmosphere of 'Illuminate the Planet', the sweet and lovely melodies of his 2000 Love Parade Hit 'Future Primitive', the straight power of 'The Eye of Providence', potential club-hits like 'Feiern', slow-building tech-trance soundscapes like 'Calling' and last but not least all tracks are based on the long experience of being one of the worlds best techno producers for a while now.