Kookmode Biography | Discography    
Kook’s career as a musician begins at the end of the eighties in a sleepy small town in East Germany. Impressed by Punk and New Wave, he founds the East German Punk Band “Interesssengemeinschaft Unsympathisch”.
After a short involuntary stay at the NVA (East German Army), Kook moves to Berlin in the early nineties, where he discovers the up and coming Drum and Bass scene and a new instrument – Technics MK12.
At this point, DJ Kook is born. He soon advances to one of Berlin’s first Electro DJs. Since then, Kook has been rocking the capital’s clubs with his unbelievably danceable Techhouse-Electro-sets. However he does not keep himself to any specific style.
But Kook is not satisfied with playing other artists records, so after 10 years of DJ-ing he starts producing his own music. A moving mix of song and track has been his trademark ever since.
In 2002 Kook launches a live-project with the Brazilian girl Roxxy Bione in which he and the impulsive singer can live out their preference for congenial style mixes. Kook’s music combines glamorous Pop and rocking Electro sounds with groovy Techno.
In spring 2004 the first release, a remix for the Electropop-duo “Kidnap” appears for the label Data Error. Shortly after that a remix for the first solo single of the ex-“And-One”-songwriter “Joke Jay” follows.
In November 2004, the Berlin based label Pale Music releases the first Kook feat. Roxxy EP Phantom Hitchhiker.
In the corse of this publication, Kook tours together with Roxxy through Europe from London to Moscow, also playing at several festivals such as the Berlinova, Summerize, or Berlin’s biggest festival, the 030-festival.
In 2005 Kook produced remixes for Marc Almond, The Scandals, and together with Miss Yetti tracks for her new album “Insights” and the single “Lovely Loneliness” which will be released in the first half of 2006. Kooks solo track “Club Gorgeous” appeared 2005 on the sampler “Berlin Insane III”.
For 2006 a number of Live- and DJ-gigs and a string of further releases are planned: The Kook single “Kussräuber” will be released on 10th March on the label Klangsucht, with remixes by Dole and Kom and The Clones.